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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Counting Fingers Again

Counting Fingers Again

Because she’s sure the wolves have taken some, Geraldine
has started counting fingers.  She’s not sure how many she had
before.  She thinks they may have taken a nose, a breast or some
of her toes.  But mostly, her fingers worry her.  They look lumpy
and uneven, leftovers the wolves rejected.  She has fed the wolves
ice cream and donuts.  Slipped out with steak and chicken, hands full
of scrambled eggs.  Sometimes their long tongues and sharp teeth
wrap around her fingers, but always, they seem to let go and try again
lunging for the treats she offers them.  A nip here, a bite there. One,
she says, twoThree.  She starts again.  One.  The wolf pack forms
around her, sweeps her out into the darkness with them. Tonight, she
has frosted sugar cookies.  With sprinkles.  Her pockets are full of them.

by Mary Stebbins Taitt
Published in eDificewRecked

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